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The Finest Database of 182 Million+ Consumer Database

With contact information for more than 182 million consumers and 104 million households, this

database offers the most comprehensive consumer data available.

Our Sources:

- 4,300 telephone directories

- Mail Order Buyers/Subscribers

- Real Estate Information (deed & tax assessor)

- Voter Registration Data

- Magazine Subscription Information

- Survey Responses

Select consumer prospects by:

- Location - ZIP Code, Radius, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State

- Estimated Household Income

- Gender

- Age

- Housing - Estimated Home Value, Homeownership, Dwelling Type, Mortgage Indicator

- Presence of Children, Seniors, Ethnicity

- Mail Order Buyers

- Phone Number

What can I expect from this consumer database?

World Information Data, Inc.'s information is continuously updated from new sources on a monthly basis. It's the best consumer information available, but it is not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors. It is not uncommon to have 10-20% undeliverable names, especially in the consumer market. Consumers move on a regular basis.


We charge just 1.5 cent per  recently verified record (It's the cheapest price in the world for such high accurate information. You can also request free 1000 records to test the data. Of course you will not lose anything but gain many things. Please chat with us now to request for count and order or email us at

We have special discount for large volume order. Contact us for more info.

The Finest 60 Million US Detail Consumer with Email

This database is different from the 220 million US Consumer database.

The database contains :

Email, Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Age, Marital Status, Number of Children, Veteran Indicator, Income, Occupation Code, Homeowner Indicator, Language Speaking, Ethnicity Code, Golf Indicator, Outdoor Indicator, Travel & Arts Indicator, Political Indicator, Hi-tech User Indicator, Bankcard User Indicator, Stock bonds Indicator, Premium Bankcard User Indicator, Oil card User Indicator, Finance card User Indicator, Retail card User Indicator,

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10.000 Verified US Consumer Records for just $150.


30.000 Verified US Consumer Records for just $400.


50.000 Verified US Consumer Records for just $650.


100.000 Verified US Consumer Records for just $1000.


1 Million Verified US Consumer Records for just $3000.


220 Million Verified US Consumer Records for just $10.000

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